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     When you go back and look at early European paintings by the Famous artist. They seem to paint this colored dog with funny hair cuts and  was usually a  black/white. These go back to the 1500 century like "Gainsbough".  I will try to get some more  famous paintings. We have seen them in our lives.
     The name came from German word "PUDEL" which means "to splash water" In England they were called"Rough Water Dogs" Around the end of the 19th century, they were shown and did very well then the 'WAR' came. So the breeding slowed down. Just as with our horse breeds back then, some were all most made extinct. I have a   Cleveland Bay stallion.  The breed was almost extinct until the Queen of England saved them, they are the Carriage Horses for visiting Dignitary. They still are on the extinction list.

     Later on "SOME"people only wanted the  solid ones and the Patri Poodles  were excluded.
     When a parti would show up in a litter people  liked them . They seemed to have a great personality and were intelligent .So they started to be breed again.

     It is interesting why the AKC still will let them show in everything but Conformation classes. All our dogs are AKC Registered  and UKC.

The UKC "United Kennel Club" since 1914 has been registering dogs. The Patri Poodles are making  a big come back. They are earning their Championships too. There is  also the "Multi Colored Poodle Club 2002. They had their 1st show in 2006. The UKC has shows all over The United States  just like the AKC.

    Our dogs come from a couple of very good breeders that "SHOW"  their dogs. They are winning many  Champion Titles . Now one lady has a dog that is  for his "Search and Rescue Title" I was very picky when I choose our breeding dogs. They do seem to excel in what ever you do with them. 
     My grandchildren showed our dogs in 4-H and won a lot of Championships during the show season that earned them the points to go to the"State Fair."

John Fernrlry 
Here is another old painting by               GANSBOROUGH.

                     Brindle   Boys 
That could go Sable which is great too.
They should have the Phantom gene also.
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